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You can find the primary care physicians Edgewood residents trust at McLeod Medical Centers of NM. Our Edgewood facility is open seven days a week to meet all of your primary and urgent care needs. Your everyday health is important. Although many individuals believe that they are living healthy lives, they may never uncover underlying medical issues unless they visit a doctor. Having a reliable primary care physician close to home enables you to quickly and conveniently complete your annual wellness checkups to ensure your body is functioning properly. We invite you to make an appointment or walk into our Edgewood facility and meet our team of extensively trained primary care doctors.

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Throughout the year, you or your family members may suffer from an injury or illness that requires immediate medical attention. The primary care physicians Edgewood men and women rely on can also administer the urgent care you need at a moment’s notice. We are here seven days a week to provide you with fast relief from pain and discomfort. Whether you’ve been involved in an accident or if you’ve come down with a case of the flu, our team of knowledgeable doctors can help you get back to full health. Instead of waiting in an emergency room for treatment, you can easily walk into our Edgewood location and receive the help you need.

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Hopefully, you nor your family will sustain an injury or contract an illness at any time of the year. While we understand that many adults only see a doctor when they’re hurt or sick, we encourage all of our Edgewood patients to complete annual wellness checkups. Our primary care physicians are ready to provide a number of healthcare services ranging from wellness visits to the responsible management of chronic conditions. Your primary care physician will also advise you on any lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk for future health complications. We believe wellness and happiness go hand-in-hand, which is why we’re committed to helping you achieve both.

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We invite you to schedule an appointment or come into McLeod Medical Centers of NM today. From urgent care to annual exams, we’re ready to provide whatever healthcare services you require. With access to quality healthcare close to home, you’re in safe hands with the primary care physicians Edgewood patients trust.

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