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Primary Care Provider in New Mexico

Welcome to Duke City Primary Care – Now Accepting New Patients!

At Duke City Primary Care, we understand that your relationship with your medical provider is important. Primary care providers are the first line of defense for patients when illness or injury strikes. For day-to-day care and minor injuries or illnesses, your primary care professional provides care by promoting patient health, providing counseling, and more.

One important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle is routine, preventative care. Primary care providers act as your first point of contact for regular physicals (annual wellness visits), routine health screenings as well as a go-to person for health concerns and sick visits. By establishing a relationship with a primary care provider when you are healthy, you may be able to catch potential problems early and/or avoid them all together.

At Duke City Primary Care, we are fortunate to have a team of highly experienced, compassionate primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Visit our new convenient Northeast Heights location as well as our other locations in Cedar Crest, Moriarty, and Edgewood. Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment!

Our skilled clinical team believes in building a trusting and collaborative connection with each of our patients.We treat our patients as valued clients, not a number on a ticker. Each patient will be heard and cared for individually to best allow for your medical needs and continued health care program.


We offer same-day appointments!
No need to wait weeks for an appointment with your primary care doctor, simply walk-in to one of our office in Albuquerque, Cedar Crest, Moriarty or Edgewood.

We look forward to serving you!

primary care albuquerque

Primary Care Center in
Albuquerque, NM

primary care albuquerque

Primary Care Center in
Cedar Crest, NM

primary care albuquerque

Primary Care Center in
Edgewood, NM

primary care albuquerque

Primary Care Center in
Moriarty, NM

Getting an appointment with us is as simple as a phone call, and a few questions. We invite you to become one of our Primary Care patients. You’ll only need to provide a medical history once, unlike at an ER. Plus, when we see you regularly, you get personalized treatment because we know your medical history. 

Throughout the year, maintaining your family’s health and well being can be a challenging and time consuming task. Visit our new Duke City Primary Care location in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights, or visit an East Mountain location. Our team of primary care providers is ready to help you and your loved ones with a wide range of primary care services throughout the year. We know that staying in great health throughout the year can be extremely challenging, which is why our medical team is on standby to provide all the medical services that you and your loved ones need. We provide services for a wide range of illnesses and injuries, and can help everyone in your family stay in their best health with our physicals and vaccination services. Duke City Primary Care is the perfect choice for all of your family’s health care needs, from temporary illness, planning a long-term care program, or minor injuries.

As a Primary Care Provider, we know that every patient who visits our office, whether as a new or existing patient, your medical needs are unique. That is why we offer personalized diagnostics and treatment strategies for everyone, rather than rushing you and your loved ones in and out of our clinic. You may be in pain or discomfort when you walk into our clinic, or may be anxious about your health. Our team of medical experts and primary care doctors provide compassionate and friendly medical services, so that you and your loved ones can worry less about your health. Each provider on our team  has years of experience in providing care to patients of all ages. In addition, we have nurses and technicians on site who can provide you with a knowledgeable and friendly medical experience, so that you can leave our clinic feeling cared for, and confidently on the road to recovery. Your health and well being is the highest priority to each member of our team.

From diagnostic tests to annual check ups, we have all of your basic health needs covered. We can help patients of all ages at our walk-in clinics as well, from children to seniors, offering tailored care for every patient.

Visit Duke City Primary Care in Albuquerque to begin a relationship with our primary care providers. Our entire medical team is ready to answer any questions that you may have about your health, our services, and our walk-in clinics. We can also answer initial questions that you have over the phone, or if you would like to make an appointment in advance you can call us today. 

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Treat our patient as we would want to be treated and be understanding during their time of need.



Create opportunities for staff to grow with the company and empower everyone to improve their work environment.



Treat one another and our patients with respect. Listen and speak openly.



Encourage ongoing professional growth and development while providing opportunities for continuous learning.

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