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Physical Exams

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Do you keep up with your necessary physical exams? Finding the time to take care of your annual checkups can be difficult. Between work, school, home, and social commitments, the days go by faster than we realize. We understand that making an appointment with your primary care physician isn’t always easy. Scheduling conflicts always seem to come up, especially if you’re a parent or caregiver. Most of us don’t get the regular care we need until after a small health issue develops into something much worse. Fortunately, Duke City Primary Care is able to provide you with every physical exam you need any day of the week.

What Happens During a Physical Exam?

How often do you visit the doctor? Most adults only visit the doctor when they’re sick or otherwise in pain. Though we understand many men and women do not regularly receive annual checkups, we encourage you to remember how important it is for adults to receive regular physical examinations. Depending on your age, medical history, and current lifestyle, your physician will perform a varying regiment of exams that check for a range of symptoms. For instance, if you’re an active adult who participates regularly in sports or exercise, you may need a sports physical. Although some adults will not need to undergo a sports physical, all men and women should take the time to get a physical exam. A routine physical exam at Duke City Primary Care may include:

  • Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and respiratory function.
  • Lung, heart, head, and neck exams.
  • Abdominal, neurological, dermatological, and extremities exams.
  • Men’s physicals may also involve testicular, hernia, penis, and prostate exams.
  • Women’s physicals may also involve breast and pelvic exams.
  • If needed, lab work is completed including complete blood count, urinalysis, and chemistry panels.

Exams Available By Appointment & Walk-In

An annual physical examination is more important to your overall health than you realize. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an underlying health concern that you should be aware of. If nothing else, getting an annual physical will enable your doctor to get a baseline of your health and determine the best course of action for managing and preserving your health for the future. We encourage you to schedule an appointment for an annual physical exam at one of our primary care offices.

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