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Pain management is available quickly and conveniently at Duke City Primary Care. Our local offices provide regular patients with range of pain relief and management options. We are ready to assist you from beginning to end with x-rays, physical therapy, injections, and medication management. As you primary care provider we will also provide referrals for other specialists you can further assist you.

Never Tolerate Pain

Pain can be a hard concept to quantify and describe. For some patients, pain simply means discomfort. For others, they do not consider a feeling as ‘painful’ unless it interferes with their everyday lifestyle. Because every person experiences pain differently, it is common for many men and women to tolerate pain without seeking relief from a medical professional. Whether they choose not to tell their primary physician about it or prefer not to wait in a long line at the emergency room, those that live with unnecessary pain are actually putting their bodies at more risk.

Pain is our body’s way of alerting us to a health problem. Ignoring the pain or trying to “just get through it” is the best choice and may cause further damage to your body. Left untreated, you can cause more damage to your body and experience greater amounts of pain. If your injury or illness is significant, delaying medical treatment could cause your symptoms to worsen and potentially create other health issues. While we understand that some people are hesitant to seek help, we urge everyone to consult a medical  practitioner if their pain symptoms do not resolve in 24-48 hours naturally. 

Pain Management Services in New Mexico

Managing Pain Responsibly

Pain management must cater to the individual. By diagnosing your pain and targeting our treatment methods, we are able to help you manage your pain safely and responsibly. Our services include:

  • X-Rays
  • Diagnosis
  • Injections
  • Physical Therapy Referrals
  • Medication Management, Non-Opiate Treatments

You don’t have to tolerate the pain any longer. Instead of waiting in an emergency room or scheduling a future appointment with your primary physician, turn to the specialists at our trusted urgent care clinic. Schedule an appointment anytime you feel mild or moderate pain. Get on the road to recovery with our compassionate pain management services, here at Duke City Primary Care.

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